Chef’s daily special,   M.P.
Soup “du jour”,   5
Green salad,   5
Classic Beef Tartare,   14
Ginger and lime Salmon Tartare,   14
Home made fries and mayo,   6


Meal of the day,   M.P.

Albert’s salad,   20
Poached egg, veggies, feta and grilled almonds

Omelet with mushroom and cheddar,   19
Green salad with herbs

Ginger and lime Salmon Tartare,   24
Green salad , croutons

Classic Beef Tartare,   24
Green salad , croutons

Salmon fillet with cajun spices,   23
Seasonal vegetables and white wine creamy sauce

Pappardelle with shrimps*,   24
Sun dry tomatoes virgin sauce and fine herbs

Grilled Hanger steak,   25
Seasonal vegetable and fries

Beef burger,   20
Maple slow cooked bacon
Choice of Goat, Blue or Cheddar cheese

* Vegetarian options available


Selection of local fine cheese (40 gr.) -7
14 Arpents – Pâte semi-ferme
La Sauvagine – Pâte molle
Le gaulois de Port neuf – Pâte molle
Le Mont St-Benoît – Pâte ferme


Dessert of the day, 7


Eska Sparkling,   3 | 5
Fineau sparkling cucumber and coriander,   4
Ginger beer,   4
Ginger Ale,   4
Sicilian lemonade,   4
Soft drinks,   3
Virgin Caesar – Walter,   5

Beers,   12 oz    ı   20 oz

Sapporo 5.5   |   7.5
Blanche de chambly 5   |   7
Okanagan Spring, Pale ale 5   |   7


Spritz Contrato,   10
Negroni or Boulevardier?,   11
Martini vodka White keys,   12
Martini gin Dillon’s,   13
Bloody Caesar Walter,   9
Gin Tonic Fever Tree,   10
Old Fashioned,   10
Andréanne’s Baileys,   8


Wine pairing by the glass on the board.
A large selection of bottles are available in the cellar…
Ask for the list!

cooffees    |    teas

Espresso short / long,   3
Américano,   3.5
Macchiato,   3.5
Cappuccino / Latte,   4.5
Albert’s Special coffee,   8.5
Herbal tea,   3.5
Mint, lemon or camomile
Tea,   3.5
English breakfast, Earl Grey or green tea

NB. The menu may vary depending of the arrivals and the season

Photo album


At Albert, you can create your own menu according to your budget

Contact us at 514.439.0665 for more information

Albert in the Press


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Audrey & Lucie: Albert’s Two Partners

Located in the heart of Montreal’s business district and Square Victoria, Albert Bistro spreads its passion and dedication for bistronomy.
The idea of bistronomy originates from enjoying gastronomic dishes in a bistro setting. It applies to a category of restaurants offering premium products at lower prices.

Since its opening in the Summer of 2015, Albert attracts numerous professionals working nearby who want to enjoy Express meals during lunchtime or want to grab a drink after work.


1035 Beaver Hall Hill | Montreal | QC

  Reservations 514.439.0665